Leaving Limbo

What if you woke up one day to find you'd been out for 19 years?

Video of Audience Reactions following Leaving Limbo's World Premiere

The Independent Critic: There are faith-based films. There are faith inspired films. Then, there are films that live into their faith with such a rich authenticity that you practically forget you're sitting there watching a Christian film. ... read more

Life Supernatural:  It may be doing an injustice to refer to this as a faith film as it is clearly one that will be enjoyed by everyone no matter what their beliefs. As we grow older we often think back ... read more

CFDb (Christian Film Database): This may be the first time I've said "BRAVO" to a Christian film. It was original with a fantastic ending and ... read more

The Dove Foundation: This is a miraculous story which shows us that forgiveness and perseverance can take us far in life. The acting is excellent and .... read more

Reviewer Cindy Navarro's Blogspot:  Leaving Limbo is one of those films that can carry heavy subject matter, but does so with a compelling story, a lot of fun references to the 80s, and a satisfying ending. It is a faith-based film, but it is a natural part of the character's lives. ... read more

ChristianCinema.com: This movie has all the elements of a good romantic comedy and a thought-provoking drama tucked neatly inside a unique plot premise. ... read more

Blogger Nathan James Norman:  Give me a film like this over a million exploding space aliens any day. ... read more

Bridgestone Multimedia Group: Leaving Limbo maintains a sense of humor as it explores heavy topics like forgiving yourself and releasing the pain associated with guilt. ... read more

Christian Review: Leaving Limbo is a solid Christian movie. It’s humorous, has a lot of heart, and tells Monica’s story well. To be honest ... read more

Blogcritic: If you can find a way to see Leaving Limbo, you should. We all go into limbo at times and this film can help. ... read more

Indy Christian Review: It’s almost as if she’s traveled forward in time, and is now a teenager stuck in a nearly 40-year-old body. There’s a great blend of humor and heart that make for a very enjoyable viewing experience. Leaving Limbo is definitely worth watching and I highly recommend picking up your own copy.” ... watch more (video review)

Project Inspired, the largest community of Christian teen girls on the Web: Ladies, I have a great movie for you this week. Leaving Limbo is all about honesty, forgiveness, and God's ultimate plan. ... read more

Faith Flix: I love the concept of this movie. Right when Monica (Mandy Brown) is ready to kick off life as an adult, a tragic car crash puts her in a coma for nineteen years. When she awakens, she's in a time warp and ... read more

Interview with Director Sandy Boikian by Dr. Fred Eichelman in Point North Tidings: When we had the opportunity to screen this film, not only was it loved but viewers wanted to know more about Sandy Boikian and how this came about. ... read more

Interview with Director Sandy Boikian by Frank Brennan for the John Paul II International Film Festival: Not only does Leaving Limbo offer a fun and entertaining movie-going experience, but the concept will give you a lot to take away and ponder long after the film ends ... read more

Reviews from the Audience

“I'm so glad I watched this DVD! It is a story about accepting the life we are given, trusting in the path we travel, and having faith that our journey will lead us where we need to be.” - Barbara M., posted on Amazon

“I didn’t stop smiling for HOURS afterward, and thinking about it now makes me smile again.” - Helen G., posted on Facebook

“Leaving Limbo makes one consider just how difficult it would be to understand a culture, when one is thrust into something totally foreign to them. Consider yourself going to any Third World country, if you have only resided in the United States. Thus, you will begin to appreciate how difficult it would be for someone to suddenly awake from a nineteen year coma. Enjoy!” - Richard and Linda D, posted on ChristianCinema.com

“Brought tears to my eyes.” - Andi A., posted on Facebook

“I was always on the edge of my seat with twists and turns I never saw coming. … The movie leaves us feeling good and wishing it would never end because we have fallen in love with the characters.” - Observer, posted on Amazon

“You did a wonderful job in bringing a touching play to the screen. My favorite line is, ‘It's not about me.’ We all need to remember that when God calls us.” - Teri C., posted on Facebook

“Enjoyed this story very much. Kept my attention throughout.” - Brad W., posted on ChristianCinema.com

“Awesome film, brilliant writing. I'm going to encourage my church to see it.” - Shirley G., posted on Facebook

Reviews from Youth

"Leaving Limbo is funny, creative and gives a new perspective on one's relationship with God." - Matthew F., 18, Massachussettes 

"This is a wonderfully inspiring film, whether religious or not." - Dan G., New York City

"This movie was da bomb, diggity!  I'm not religious and still I took a lot away from it. Thanks, dudes." - Laura B., 18, New Jersey

"For a non-religious guy, this was pretty good.  I laughed, I thought, and I left feeling better than before." - Christian, 18, Virginia

“Leaving Limbo made me laugh and find Jesus." - Matt, 16, Maryland

"Insightful, funny and builds character." - Marcus, 17, Florida

"Splendid ... an uplifting film that will ‘leave’ you satisfied.” - Cassie, 16, Texas

"Leaving Limbo is the first faith-based movie I have seen that is not over-the-top with religion but still provides a relatable message of acceptance, even for the less religious of us." - Mitch G. 16, Michigan