Leaving Limbo

What if you woke up one day to find you'd been out for 19 years?

History of the Project

Leaving Limbo began life as the stage play, My Wonderful Coma. In 2008 it premiered to audiences and critics who strongly identified with the main character, stating that they felt as if they had been living in a "spiritual coma." Many added that the play needed to be made into a film in order to reach more people.

Although the playwright, Sandy Boikian, had never made a film before, for the next two years those powerful statements haunted her. This paved the way for My Wonderful Coma's rebirth as the screenplay, Leaving Limbo.

Boikian took the helm as the film's director, and Mandy Brown, who originated the lead role in the play, came on board to give life to Monica once again. Hundreds of hopefuls from the Los Angeles area auditioned for the remaining roles. A skeleton crew was formed to cover the 15-day shoot that spanned six months during 2010. Fourteen gifted artists provided original music for the soundtrack.

Lisa Boore Lambert joined forces with Boikian in January, 2012, to form Bruised Reed Productions, LLC. Lambert became Leaving Limbo's producer and committed to see the film through its completion of post production. 

The film was picked up by Bridgestone Multimedia Group and released in July, 2013.